My basic travel gear (I travel light)

I am a busy guy, I like to keep things simple and be able to go at any time. When I travel to the other side of the world my packing typically takes no more than 10 minutes. Simple.


I used to carry around a hard cased bulky carry on. The main problem I found with these carry on bags is they are not easy to haul around compared to a backpack. If you are getting on a motorcycle, a crowded vehicle, or walking down the street, a backpack is far more practical.

Pants with hidden pockets

Ditch the cross body bags and money holders. I travel with pants that have a small zipper and additional pocket beneath the regular front pockets. No extra bag or wallet needed. I keep money zipped safely on one side and a credit or debit card zipped in the other pocket.

 Two books

I am an avid reader and recommend you pick up a good book if you aren’t already. Traveling you I will have delays, you will have long flights. Sometimes even those 1.5 hr flights seem to take forever. Grab a book and feed your mind.