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What I learned spending time children in Uganda

As a white man traveling around central and southern Uganda it was no surprise that I stood out in a crowd. Most days where I was spending my time I was the only foreigner in sight. I was welcomed by young and old, but the highlight of every day was the excitement and curious looks Read More

Airlines I take from Canada to Uganda

Keep in mind the following is based on my own personal experience flying from Canada to Uganda multiple times per year. Thinking back to my overseas flights across the Atlantic, I have recently flown with British Airways, United, and KLM. British Airways were good. The plane felt clean and comfortable, staff seemed professional. The food Read More

My basic travel gear (I travel light)

I am a busy guy, I like to keep things simple and be able to go at any time. When I travel to the other side of the world my packing typically takes no more than 10 minutes. Simple. Backpack I used to carry around a hard cased bulky carry on. The main problem I Read More

Kingdoms of Uganda

Buganda Buganda is the largest of the traditional kingdoms, comprising about 17% of the population. The capital of Uganda, Kampala, is located in Buganda. The current king of Buganda is Muwenda Mutebi II.   Bunyoro The second largest Ugandan kingdom. Was one of the most powerful kingdoms until its power was taken by Buganda. The Read More

Useful Luganda

English is spoken all throughout Uganda, but learning some Luganda is a great way to connect with Ugandans and to give yourself the challenge and satisfaction of learning another language. *** Good morning – Wasuze otya nno? (lit. ‘how was your night?’) Good afternoon – Osiibye otya nno? (lit. ‘how was your day?’) Good evening Read More

Eating grasshoppers in Uganda

Grasshoppers, known in Uganda as nsenene, are a tasty treat eaten all throughout the country. They are plucked of their wings and legs and cooked. The grasshopper (nsenene) season is from November to December. They are eaten cooked as they are, or sometimes with added onions and other ingredients. Nsenene can be found in the Read More

Ugandan Visa

Getting an entry Visa for travel to Uganda is easy. You have two options; (1) Get the Visa at the Visa desk at the Entebbe airport. (2) Get a visa online before you enter the country. CLICK HERE for the online visa. It makes little difference which way you get your entry visa. Although for Read More

First time in Uganda, what to expect

My first visit to Uganda was also my first visit to Africa. Oh that feeling. Uganda has a tropical climate. Coming from Canada the first thing that struck me was the humidity. The heat was not all that much. North American summers can get super hot, I was used to that. Coming from North America Read More