First time in Uganda, what to expect

My first visit to Uganda was also my first visit to Africa.

  1. Oh that feeling. Uganda has a tropical climate. Coming from Canada the first thing that struck me was the humidity. The heat was not all that much. North American summers can get super hot, I was used to that. Coming from North America or Europe you will notice the major difference is the high humidity.
  2. Those sweet smells. The second thing that I noticed the day of arrival was the smell. As you travel throughout the city of Entebbe you will understand immediately. It is common here for people to burn their garbage as a means of disposal. The smell of burnt rubber and plastic is unavoidable when you burn garbage.
  3. So friendly. The people of Uganda are so friendly and respectful. Sorry this should have been #1 on my list. No matter what colour your skin, the Ugandan people are welcoming and respectful. If you are white be prepared to be called muzungu. This means white person and they mean this in a nice way so do not be offended, just smile. White men: you may be called “muko” which means brother-in-law, this is a compliment. If you are white (muzungu) man and travel without a female companion, you may have some women interested in you.
  4. Food. Please try the local dishes you will fall in love with this food. From matoke to grasshoppers it is all absolutely fantastic. Tropical fruits are plentiful, food is always fresh. It is worth the trip for the food alone!
  5. Sights. The beauty within Uganda is breathtaking. Both the trees, animals, and people. As a person coming from Vancouver Canada, I can honestly say the beauty of the Ugandan landscape is just as beautiful. I have seen trees and birds that look like they have not evolved since the dinosaurs have been around. If you stay in Entebbe you will have to visit lake Victoria. There are many restaurants on the lake (check out 2Friends). Entebbe bonatical gardens is a popular destination.
  6. Boda boda. Last but probably the most important – the Boda boda. Simply known as “boda”. This is often how you will get around town. Very convenient and cheap. Men on motorcycles will take you anywhere you need to go within town. You will find the Boda Boda eveywhere in every town within Uganda. You will never be without a ride.