Kingdoms of Uganda


  • Buganda is the largest of the traditional kingdoms, comprising about 17% of the population.
  • The capital of Uganda, Kampala, is located in Buganda.
  • The current king of Buganda is Muwenda Mutebi II.



  • The second largest Ugandan kingdom.
  • Was one of the most powerful kingdoms until its power was taken by Buganda.
  • The current king of Bunyoro is Solomon Iguru I.



  • Also called Nkore.
  • Abolished in 1967 and restored in 1993.
  • A king is still not official due to disagreements between clans.



  • Founded in 1830 when a Prince of Bunyoro rebelled and created his own kingdom.
  • The current king is Rukidi IV.



  • Kingdom smaller that the others listed here.
  • The previous king was Henry Wako Muloki.
  • Because of disagreement between clans a current king has not been chosen.